If you oversee a shipping department, an Etsy store, or a small retail business, shipping labels are essential. You can print your labels on standard paper if you only deliver one or two packages every week. If you attach the label to the package with tape or wrap it in a clear sleeve, it will be handy.

However, if you mail numerous packages, it could be frustrating. Additionally, DIY labels don’t always seem the most polished. If you’re sending goods to customers or important clients, an appropriate adhesive shipping label is ideal.

We need to print additional labels every day because my Etsy shop’s orders have risen recently. I’ve used a lot of printers before, but I’ve chosen to try the MUNBYN Bluetooth printer ITTP129 instead. There is no need for an ink cartridge because it is a thermal printer.

In this article, I’ve discussed my overall impressions of the MUNBYN Bluetooth printer and how using it accelerated the shipping process for my company.

1. Minimalist Design

The desktop-sized MUNBYN Bluetooth Label Printer is constructed of moulded ABS plastic. The housing is available in two colours: pink and black. And I purchased a pink one since it seemed so adorable. It is simpler to find it anyplace thanks to its small size and Bluetooth connectivity. It won’t take up half your desk or anything similar, either. Additionally, transferring the printer isn’t that difficult. Its light weight of 1.67 pounds makes it simple to carry in one hand.

Pushing the “open” button causes the top cover to release from its clasp, revealing the print head and the paper-insertion area. Two holders, one on each side, are holding the paper. The holders are moveable, so you must adjust their position in accordance with the length (or width) of the thermal paper.

On the back of the printer are two plugs—one for power and the other for a USB connection. An on/off switch is also located at the back. Ensure that you only use the premium power cord and adapter that are provided. The 48W rating on the power adapter (24V at 2A).

2. Highly Effective

Automatic label identification is the MUNBYN Bluetooth Printer’s most useful and effective feature. According to this, any label that is between 1.57 and 4.3 inches wide can be applied. The printer will automatically make the appropriate adjustments to print your label correctly when you hit the feed button. The MUNBYN Bluetooth shipping label printer fully satisfies my daily requirement to create 100–150 shipping labels.

Additionally, this Bluetooth printer is a multifunctional device that can print sticker labels with irregular shapes and circles as well. The circle labels I purchased turned out fantastic when I printed them for the packing.

At its rated speed of 150 mm per second, it can print roughly 60 labels every minute. For dropshippers and small enterprises, this number is excellent.

3. Resolution for Printing

The printer produces excellent prints. The 203 DPI resolution of the MUNBYN Bluetooth printer makes it suitable for printing labels with clarity and QR codes. We want to include our product’s complicated but elegant branding on the packaging as well. We are unsure if the printer will be able to do it, but when I gave it a try, the outcomes were better than I had anticipated. The information I want to share is all clearly printed out!

Bluetooth compatibility, 4.

Windows, Linux, and macOS are all compatible with the MUNBYN Bluetooth Thermal Label Printer. But since it is so handy for me to link my phone to the printer and print labels from any location while seated at my desk, I typically use its Bluetooth connectivity option.

Last Words

I used to use inkjet printers, but I now think the MUNBYN Bluetooth Thermal Label Printer is a really useful device, especially for producing shipping labels. I am thrilled to use this Bluetooth printer as a small business owner. It is a rather little device, and all you have to do after properly configuring it (which is actually quite simple) is make sure there is enough paper or labels in the reel. Ink or toner are not a concern because it is a thermal printer. I would unquestionably suggest the MUNBYN Bluetooth thermal printer to you if you desire to print several shipping labels or make your own labels.