Already Vaped Herbs (AVH)

Vaped Herbs

Owning a cannabis bape increases your likelihood of being one among the many users who have been destroying their Already Vaped Herbs (AVH) and throwing it directly in the trash. This is a novice mistake, and I’ll tell you why.

The component of our herbs called THC is what causes the psychoactive “High” experience in the user. But until the right amount of heat is applied for the right length of time, THC in its pure form lacks the euphoric qualities. In other words, if you ate some buds, it wouldn’t affect you in any way. Applying heat is necessary to provide the “High” sensation.

Herbs undergo a chemical reaction when heated, which is what gives the THC its euphoric qualities. The name of this procedure is decarboxylation. When your herbs are heated to the exact temperature required for decarboxylation to take place, this process naturally takes place in a dry herb vaporizer.

So, as you have probably already figured out, you can continue to vape on your herbs until you believe you have used up all of the vapour in them. However, the appeal of dry herb vaporizers is that you shouldn’t discard your AVH after using it because it still contains a sizeable amount of THC that has been decarboxylated. You can now consume the AVH however you choose to get another joyful high.

However, if you are not used to consuming, you can be in for a surprise (you might get flattened!) since ingesting and vaping have different effects on the user.

Another great reason to give up smoking and embrace the science behind dry herb vaporizers and all the advantages linked with them is provided by AVH.

So don’t wait; get yourself a Mighty, Mighty Plus, Arizer Solo 2, Pax 3, Volcano Hybrid, Dynavap, or any other marijuana vaporizer right away and start enjoying all the advantages of vaping, including but not limited to Already Vaped Herbs!