Bet capital in football betting and how to use it effectively and Good betting experience is needed to play 1×2 effectively

Bet capital in football betting

Online football betting is an attractive game form that can bring in a large amount of money when playing. However, the downside is that it also causes many players to lose because of bad decisions. Therefore, the problem is that players need to know how to manage their capital in football betting. So how do we effectively manage capital? In this article, let’s learn about safe betting skills when betting on football and download app for betting to try.

How to allocate bets

The first rule for managing your money effectively in football betting is to set a bet limit for each of your games. This method will help the player minimize the damage in case they unfortunately lose the bet. To understand better, let’s go through the following example.

For example: That day, you take $200 to bet with the betting house. With this amount, you should bet many times instead of betting all on one hand. After knowing the bet results, you should record the winnings and losses in 2 separate columns. In case your losing bet limit reaches 200$, stop or immediately even though your winnings may in fact exceed the 200$ threshold.

With this form of money management, players cannot improve their chances of winning. However, as mentioned, it will help players maintain their game for as long as possible.

In addition, in each match you choose, use a fixed bet. What should be avoided is changing the bet amount in different markets. It seems that the above action is wise when there are bets where the player is extremely sure of the possibility of winning as well as those where the player is relatively skeptical about the possibility of winning. However, in essence, whether it is certain or not about the possibility of winning, the player’s loss rate remains the same. Therefore, if you bet on different bets with different amounts, it can lead to big losses and small wins. To avoid this situation, the only method is to always bet with a fixed amount.


In general, the safe bet allocation is not outside of the first two factors: determining the initial capital and always betting with a fixed amount. However, there are also a few notes to effectively allocate bets in football betting.

The first thing to note is that your initial capital must be at least 5–10 times greater than the fixed bet for each market. Because only then will you have the opportunity to redo if you accidentally lose a bet in any bet. 

The second note is that, in addition to the above allocation, there are many different methods. However, in general, the method we offer is the most secure. But other methods can help you bring in more profits, but at the same time, they will also be risky.

Good betting experience is needed to play 1×2 effectively

1×2 is a very popular and easy-to-play football betting type. This type of bet does not have a handicap; you simply choose 1 out of 3 outcomes: win, draw, or lose. But that is not why this type of bet makes it easy for players to win. In this article, the betting guide will show you a good betting experience to help you effectively play 1×2.

Things to know when playing 1×2

To be able to understand the betting experience or help you play effectively, you first need to understand the 1×2 odds. The first is that the 1×2 truss is usually denoted as 1×2. With 3 choices: top, bottom, and tie. The top team usually has a special font color and a lower payout rate.

With 1×2 bets having only 3 bets, the player’s win rate is 33.33%. This is a pretty decent rate for new players. In addition, for longtime players who do not have much experience in 1×2 betting, this is a ratio worth trying your luck with.

Tips for effective 1×2 betting

The house often sets the odds for the bottom team very high. This is a calculated job from the house to make a profit. In the terms of the betting experts, this is called an example. The house will put money through the bottom door at an attractive rate. If you win, you will get a huge amount of money. Even the amount of money collected at the draw door is not small. However, the odds of winning this bet are quite low, because of course the bottom team will find it difficult to win. So when playing 1×2, you should choose the upper door to win mainly, it is best to rarely choose the lower door, or draw. This is a good betting experience you need to remember.

In addition, when playing 1×2 bets, if you want to make a sustainable profit, you should only play matches where there is a big difference in strength between the two top and bottom teams. Choose the upper hand, even if the payout percentage is low.

You need to avoid participating in matchups, even when there is no difference in strength between the two teams. If you still want to play 1×2 in these matches, you only need to play 1×2 in the first half, and the result should be a draw.

Players betting 1×2 should choose a bet time from 3 to 5 days before the match. During this period, the house does not have much impact on the odds. But as soon as the match takes place, the house will start to have continuous “flashing” actions. Players should not bet at that time.

With the above-mentioned good betting experiences, we wish you to always win when participating in betting in the form of 1×2.