Top Places of interest in Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo

When you are in Santo Domingo, there is a lot of scenic beauty to discover. Come to the city for the weekend or to spend your vacation; we bet you won’t get bored. The city embodies a beautiful fusion of Dominican modernity and tradition.

In this article, we’ve covered the most magical locations to explore. Guys, book a flight on Frontier Airlines to travel to Santo Domingo.

First, Colón Park (Columbus Park)

The Zona Colonial neighbourhood is home to this lovely park. Visit the Parque Colón, the city’s liveliest and most alluring square. Numerous street performers and musicians frequent the square at this location. Along the street side, shoe shine stands are set up.

2. The American Primitive Cathedral (First Cathedral in the Americas)

The magnificent basilica is the most authentic site to enter. This museum was finished in 1540 and is situated on the south side of Parque Colón. Additionally, this area includes a cathedral that was the continent’s first to be erected. No, this structure is not a ruin.

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3. The Museum of the Real Houses

Visit this museum, which was constructed in the first decade of the sixteenth century. A highly impressive building that was once built here under Spanish authority can be found. The most significant New World government institutions will be housed at the museum. Among the exhibits on display in this museum are Tano relics, colonial furnishings, and an interesting collection of firearms.

4. National Pantheon (National Pantheon of the Dominican Republic)

In the first half of the 18th century, this charming museum was first built as a church. Above all, Rafael Trujillo, the ruler at the time, ordered the conversion of this structure into the nation’s tomb in order to pay tribute to the nation’s most influential citizens.

Fifth: Plaza Espaa

The Plaza Espaa is the busiest area in Santo Domingo, hosting several events and conventions. On the outskirts of the Zona Colonial, next to the Rio Ozama, lies a sizable, open space. Additionally, there are events and public gatherings held here frequently. Have fun along the park’s edge, where there are many restaurants offering outdoor seating.

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6. Chu Chu Colonial Tour Trolley

Keep an eye out for the Chu Chu Colonial, a fantastic location in Santo Domingo. A tiny, open-air sightseeing train travels through the Zona Colonial neighbourhood of Santo Domingo at this location. Despite being quite modest and accessible on foot, this location is a tempting choice on hot days.

7. The San Francisco Monastery

Visit the Monasterio de San Francisco ruins, which are the most intriguing location. One of the Dominican Republic’s most significant historical landmarks is the ruins. The earliest monastery constructed in the New World is the most watchable location in Santo Domingo.

8. Santo Domingo’s Choco Museum

Visit the Choco Museum, which is the most well-known location in Santo Domingo. This museum, which is housed in a 16th-century structure in the Zona Colonial, is more than simply a nice stop. Learn more about the Dominican Republic’s chocolate business here while having fun and engaging in educational activities.

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